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Environmental Issues
Greenscaping Operation
By Ecogreen
Dec 4, 2008 - 5:37:16 AM

Landscaping is both science and art and is an aspect of the environmental impact of a hotel that needs to be addressed. Understanding and blending the elements of both nature and construction is effective landscaping. Whether Landscaping is extensive or small consumes a large amount of water, fertilizers and herbicides and generates solid waste.

Ecogreenís Greenscaping Operation provides cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions for landscaping. Greenscaping operation deals with two aspects:

undefined undefined 1.       Solid Waste Management, and

undefined undefined 2.       Water Conservation

Solid Waste Management

Solid wastes generated by hotel offices are usually in large quantities and toxic those pollute our environment. Stationery, paper and cartridges of copiers and printers are among the normal wastes. To reduce operating expenses, implementing recycling and waste disposal programs are a must for offices. The recycling program should include categorizing the wastes into recyclable and non-recyclable wastes and treating them differently. These programs help to save resources, reduce pollution and protect both the environment and employee health.

Following are some simple solid waste control ideas:

undefined undefined         Avoiding unnecessary paperwork,

undefined undefined         Canceling junk mail,

undefined undefined         Reusing scrap paper for notes,

undefined undefined         Using electronic mail or voice mail over hard copy mail,

undefined undefined         Solid waste management program,

undefined undefined         Recycling all office paper,

undefined undefined         Double- sided photocopying in order to reduce paper use,

undefined undefined         Using refillable cartridge tones,

undefined undefined         Using white paper rather than colored paper for recycling,

undefined undefined         Using fax machines that use both plain and recyclable paper,

undefined undefined         Awareness and involvement of office employees in all stages of Recycling Program

Water Conservation

An incredible amount of water is used in hotels in Landscaping to keep the plants green and healthy. An efficient irrigation system lets you reduce water use and save money. Given below are some water conservation ideas:

undefined undefined         Checking taps, toilets for leaks frequently,

undefined undefined         Installing leak-detection equipment,

undefined undefined         Minimizing water use in cooling equipment,

undefined undefined         Cleaning corridors with a broom rather than hose,

undefined undefined         Installing water meters for monitoring high consumption equipment and areas,

undefined undefined         Recovering waste water from laundry rinse cycles and dry cleaning cycles for reuse,

undefined undefined         Establishing an employee training program about water conservation.

Greenscaping Operation is all about taking the initiative to examine the impact of resources and learning new ideas to control and manage the flow of resources.

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