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Weddings in Belize Are a Breeze
By Wendy Jefferson
Oct 21, 2005, 22:32

Ever dreamt of a wedding in a lush tropical rainforest? How
about among magnificent Mayan ruins, on a beach by the
blue-green Caribbean, or with jungle rivers and waterfalls
as a backdrop? A vacation in Belize with your loved one will
truly be unforgettable if you decide to say your I dos
there. If youre ready for a unique and romantic Belizean
wedding, read on.
Believe it or not, its not at all hard to get married in
Belize. First off, a couple must have been staying in the
country for at least 3 days before they can obtain a
marriage license. Forms can be had from the General Registry
in Belize City and the Attorney General Office in Belmopan.
These must be completed and signed in the presence of a
Justice of the Peace. You will need proof of citizenship
(your passport will suffice) and proof of marital status if
divorced or widowed. The usual approval time usually takes a
week. Two witnesses, who may be your friends or locals, are
also required. The ceremony may be performed by a senior
Justice of the Peace, a church minister, or a boat captain.

The legal fees will cost you about less than US$200the
application fee is $100, the legal ceremony $5, and a
donation for the religious officer. Donations to churches
and schools are also accepted. If you would like to make the
arrangements yourself, you should contact the General
Registry before you leave your home country. Luckily, most
hotels provide assistance with the arrangements, from
securing the forms to getting your fantasy honeymoon
If you wish to be married at an archeological reserve such
as the Mayan ruins, send a letter of permission at least a
week before to the Commissioner of Archeology. Remember to
bring your own wedding attire from home as there are few
bridal shops in Belize. In lieu of a gown and tux, however,
you may opt to dress in casual, colorful beachwear or
semi-formal evening wear. Its all up to you. Wherever you
choose to get married in Belize, its sure to be the
ultimate exotic wedding.

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