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I Fly First Class Announces Sales on Business and First Class

First class business tickets are affordable by all because they are very costly. Nowadays due to the rising number of travelers, many travel agencies are offering first and business class tickets at discounted price. I Fly First Class, a travel has now announce sales on business and first class tickets on top major US airlines , so grab the deal now.

Author: Julia Graft
Date: Aug 21, 2014 - 8:39:18 AM

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Jetting away to Asia and Europe in luxurious first class seats and business class fares has never been cheaper or easier. I Fly First Class, a leading discount luxury travel specialist, announced today that its premium fares abroad have been slashed.

I Fly First Class' business class deals to Asia are near all-time lows, with business class tickets available for as little as $3,380. "We understand that business professionals have to operate on a global scale to thrive in today's economy," says Julia Graft, public relations manager for I Fly First Class. "We try to make those premium tickets to destinations like Seoul, Taipei, Beijing and Shanghai as affordable as possible so that travelers can focus on their business instead of their wallets."

The leading luxury travel specialist has also sliced business class ticket prices to European cities such as Milan, Frankfurt, Paris and London. Comfortable and amenity-filled business class seats to Europe now start as low as $2,860. Roomy business class flights to Copenhagen, for example, normally start at about $4,465, but I Fly First Class can get you there in style for just $2,915. Business class seats to Milan, Italy's thriving fashion and financial scene, have been reduced from $4,253 to just $2,963. With dozens of business class deals to dozens of European cities, I Fly
First Class offers the best prices, guaranteed.

Similarly, executives, small business owners and world travelers can enjoy the sumptuous comfort of first class flights at a record 40 percent off with I Fly First Class. These discounts allow travelers to save thousands of dollars on airfare while enjoying all of first class' full-price amenities. An ordinary first class ticket to Taipei, for instance, normally costs about $10,263. Today, I Fly First Class can whisk savvy travelers there starting at just $4,296.

On top of these record-breaking savings, I Fly First Class gives travelers access to all of the world's best luxury airlines. Travelers booking with I Fly First Class can expect to enjoy countless pampering comforts and bountiful luxury services on air carriers like Etihad, ANA All Nippon
Airways, Lufthansa, Emirates and Singapore Airlines. These and other airlines that have earned a worldwide reputation for the finest first and business class services and are I Fly First Class' partners in providing classic luxury at deeply discounted prices.

"We're proud of our long-standing relationships with the world's top air carriers. These alliances ensure that I Fly First Class delivers the very best available services at the very cheapest prices," says Graft. "We also maintain memberships in the Better Business Bureau, American Society of
Travel Agents and the National Association of Career Travel Agents so that our clients can rest assured that we are providing the most knowledgeable, reputable travel services available."

For more information and to access I Fly First Class' newest business class and first class deals, travelers can visit the luxury travel specialist online at or call 1-888-347-7817.

About Us I Fly First Class is of the leading and reputed travel agency who offers various deals, discounts and sale on major airlines tickets. Passengers can now enjoy a luxurious travel experience by flying in first and business class.

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