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The HCG Diet

Early in the 1950s, Dr. ATW Simeons, an endocrinologist from Britain was performing clinical trials on young adolescent males with low testosterone levels. The boys' were being treated for this malady with HCG, and began to notice the boys' were losing both weight and abnormal fatty areas were slimming down.

Author: Jessica Jones
Date: Nov 10, 2011 - 9:35:33 AM

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Early in the 1950s, Dr. ATW Simeons, an endocrinologist from Britain was performing clinical trials on young adolescent males with low testosterone levels.  The boys' were being treated for this malady with HCG, and began to notice the boys' were losing both weight and abnormal fatty areas were slimming down.  

The two hundred and forty four amino acid compound, HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), is found in a pregnant mother's placenta, and is found in large quantities, and is extracted through her urine.  Through history, this HCG hormone has been used to treat infertility in women.  By giving a infertile woman HCG, it can aid in starting ovulation.  It has also been studied that giving males, a considerably smaller amount of HCG, can assist in raising otherwise low testosterone levels.

During the doctor's studies and trials, and associating that HCG affects the hypothalamus gland positively, he began to believe that the gland was partially responsible for regulating abnormal fats, along with normal fats.  Following his hypothesis, Dr. Simeons, began testing certain amounts of HCG and the reactions with certain foods. 

After ten years of study and experiments, he found that with the correctly used amounts of HCG and the food plan, were followed correctly, men and women both, could lose extreme amounts of abnormal fats in a very short amount of time.  Especially, when compared against diet and exercise alone.  Health care providers and doctors came to Rome, from all over the world, as Simeons' HCG and diet work began to spread. 

As a result of the widespread interest, Dr. Simeons published “Pounds and Inches, a New Approach to Obesity”, in 1967.  This publication was to assist common everyday people, as well as medical professionals, better understand what he had established.  A direct result to his publishing, “fat clinics” began sprouting all over the United States and Europe.

There were several studies on the HCG Diet, conducted throughout the 1970s, and due to the fact that these diets did not follow Dr. Simeons' protocol in it's entirety, and the lack of Dr. Simeons failing to get FDA approval for the hormones use as a weight loss agent, the HCG diet protocol began to lose it's popularity. 

Kevin Trudeau, in 2007, published a book titled “The Weight Loss Cure, What THEY Don't Want You To Know”, this book contained information about Dr. Simeons protocol, enough information, to get people looking towards the HCG Diet protocols.  The downfall there, was people began ordering HCG from anywhere they could find it, being a shortage in medical offices that offered the HCG Diet plans or protocols. 

Many people began attempting to self medicate with HCG injections, searching outside the United States and online to find the correct mixing information, and where trying to figure out how to get around the medical establishments that were administering the HCG treatments.  People attempting to administer correct dosages and mixtures, and self injections, definitely not the best laid plans.  This launched a YouTube video sensation, claiming that health care facilities offering the HCG weight loss diet and the injections were not necessary and the cost was too high.  

This lead to online groups that were in full belief of the YouTube claims, this became a haven for those who just wanted to sell their own version of the HCG product.  In mid 2008, homeopathic HCG began being administered by Naturopathic Professionals, this began as an alternative to the prescription injections.  This opened the door for anyone to be able to purchase the product, and to sell to anyone with the money and desire to purchase it.  Needless to say, people were getting false information and claims. 

With no one to over see the use of these commercialized products, and those claiming and copying facts from other sources, that did not in no way relate to the HCG product they were marketing.  This began leading to confusion and naysayers alike.  The HCG Diet does in fact work, if it is followed correctly.  It is necessary to take the HCG as described and to follow the restricted caloric intake.  This is five hundred calories per day. 

How this works is, the abnormal fats that are currently being stored inside your body, are triggered to be released and used.  This is precisely how the HCG found naturally in a pregnant woman works.  This a fail safe system of sorts.  When the body knows that it is pregnant it begins to prepare for the nutritional needs of the unborn child.  The HCG allows the body to use the stored abnormal fats to nourish the unborn baby in times when the mother is not able to consume enough nutrients for the two, for example during cases of morning sickness, the mother may not be able to eat or keep foods down, the stored fats will supply the child during this time.  The same is true when a person takes HCG or participates in the HCG Diet. 

The body begins burning these stored fats, this causes two results, one the person begins to lose weight and two the person loses inches from the reduction of stored fats.  These stored fats come from all the trouble spots that people work so desperately to get rid of, the thighs, arms, buttocks, tummy and hips.  HCG will also increase metabolism, while decreasing hunger, as the stored fats are used the body will consume as much as three thousand calories from the fats alone. 

This is how you can consume five hundred dietary calories and not feel hungry or starved.  You will continue to feel full and satisfied.  Most people feel better on the HCG Diet than they have ever felt before.  They experience waking up with more energy and maintaining this stamina throughout the day.  The best part is both men and women will experience fast and effective weight loss, up to four pounds per week, without exercise.  This weight loss becomes a life style, an almost permanent weight solution. 

You will lose the weight without having to fear the immediate gaining, that most traditional dieters experience.  Once the HCG Diet is completed you will have a new way of life, you will be healthier, thinner, lighter and happier.

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